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junk removal houston

Our Carpet Removal Houston Service

carpet removal houston

Do you get embarrassed by your living room carpet?

Want us to take it away?

Then stop right there.

Let us brighten up your home by helping you rid yourself of its unsightly carpet.

Our professional carpet removers can help transform your living space or office by giving that old carpet a new home.

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What to expect with a carpet removal service?

Carpet removal can be a necessary and sometimes stressful part of home renovation or moving to another location. Old carpet may need to be removed because it is moldy, stained, or doesn’t suit your current interior decor. Removing an old carpet can seem like a snap until you actually go to do it. You might want to leave that to the professionals.

Simply removing your old carpet can be challenging in itself. Your carpet is probably attached to the floor and the wall with tack strips and hundreds of sturdy nails. Having a team of professional carpet removers and enlisting a junk removal service for the task ahead is the way to go. Tack strips will ultimately need to be pried free from the floor, which is a back-breaking job in itself.

After the tack stripes have been removed, the carpet may need to be cut and removed. The under-surface of carpets can be a bit of a mystery to home or condo owners. What’s underneath the carpet anyway? There might be heaps of staples and plenty of glue under there, so you can expect a lot of scraping to get all of that glue off the floor. Considering that the glue has been there for perhaps decades, that might be a lot of work ahead of you.

Fortunately, carpet removing professionals know everything that lies ahead and have the junk removing resources to make cleanup a breeze. Many municipalities have rules against throwing away carpet, so you might have needed to rent a truck anyway, if you decided to go through the painstaking task of trying to remove your old carpet yourself.

Avoid all of that hassle by calling on a professional carpet removing service that has the junk removing skills to remove your carpet and haul it away!