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junk removal houston

Our Furniture Removal Houston Service

furniture removal houston

Is that couch just not doing it for you anymore?

Is your sofa showing its age?

Want us to get it out of your way?

Then let our expert junk haulers tote your old sofa to it new resting place.

We’re equipped to handle any size sofa, big or small.

Our professional junk haulers have the experience to safely remove any sofa you throw at them.

Got questions?

Need an estimate on a removal of your couch?

Give us a call or fill out our quote form and we’ll walk you through the next steps.

What to Expect With our Furniture Removal Service

Removing old and worn furniture can be a heavy process, both physically and mentally. It’s a task that needs to be planned out carefully along with the logistics that come along with proper disposal of them. For this reason, many people opt to use the services of a furniture removal company.

What we can do for you.

If you need help with couch removal, or you are not sure where to bring your old furniture, companies that specialize in waste removal is something that you may find beneficial. Experienced professionals will come out to your home on the day of service to remove any furniture you would like to trash, as well as recycle those items that are appropriate. Additionally, most junk removal companies will disassemble your furniture for you, so the only thing you have to do is sit back, open your door, and let the experienced workers remove your junk.


Saves you time and energy
Sofa removal
Furniture disassembly
Licensed and insured professionals

Why its better to rely on us.

Many municipalities will not allow homeowners or renters to leave furniture or other junk items on the curb, and for those cities where it is allowed, you may end up having to pay a fee, which can be quite large in some cases. In these cases, you may end up having to dispose of the junk yourself, which means renting a pickup truck large enough to hold your items and hauling it to the junkyard all by yourself. If you have a lot of stuff, this may mean multiple trips and hours of work. In these cases, you may be better off just hiring a dependable and professional service that can come out to your home and do all of the work in just one trip.