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junk removal houston

Our TV Removal Houston Service

tv removal houston

Is your TV looking a little out-dated?

Does your TV remote look like something from the 60s?

Want it gone so you can upgrade to a sleek, cool, new TV?

Then you qualify for our TV removal service.

We’ll take that eye-sore out of your home so you can bring that sexy new TV into view.

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Call today or request a quote with our form and one of our TV remover professionals will help you get started.

What to expect with a TV removal service?

As technology becomes more advanced, your appliances can go out of style much quicker. Although you are eyeing a new television, you may be wondering how to dispose of the older one. In this situation, it’s always better to let someone discard the TV for you. Getting this assistance can prevent you from getting injured and free up needed space in your home. Below is what you can expect with a TV removal service.

Better for the Environment

While driving down the road, you have seen a TV on a curb or placed next to a dumpster. Not only is it unpleasant to view, but it’s not good for the environment. Within your neighborhood, tossing a TV in this manner creates an eyesore that gives a negative impression of the area. If it gets damaged in any way, there will be unsightly, broken pieces littering the ground. These could get picked up by a child or chewed on by a dog. Ultimately, it will be another piece of junk taking up space in the landfill. Using a junk removal service makes the situation better because it gets done in a way that is tidy and discreet.

Handled Simply and Professionally

You may feel that disposing of your television will be quicker and cheaper than using a removal service. Yet, doing this will put you through unnecessary risks and discomfort. The costs that you pay are reasonable and not as significant as hospital fees from a fall down the stairs or having a TV fall on you. To get started, contact us to schedule a date and time that is convenient for you. Once we arrive, we need you to show what you want to have removed. We can verify the price with you and then quickly remove it. Throughout the process, you won’t have to lift anything or assist in any way. We completely handle this regardless of where the television is placed.